Light Echoes

A collection of images from past travels and more recent local outings taken during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Covid-19 provided time and space for reflection on the past and present, a chance to delve into my photographic archive during lockdown to use the daily exercise as my opportunity to get out and capture images, satisfying my creative yearning.

I liken water to an undulating liquid-mirror, reflecting the light and colours of nearby objects, breaking line and form to create a unique image of abstract patterns.  I call this cluster of images Light Echoes.

I have since learnt that reflective liquid-mirrors are used within telescopes. Astronomers, say when we look outward into space, we are looking backwards in time. Their reasoning being that light of the stars takes so long to reach us that we ultimately see what is many years in the past.  Light is absorbed, reflected, and redirected by celestial gas and dust in space, this allows us the opportunity of a fleeting second look. This is known as a Light Echo – another way to witness the universe around us.

I have spent many a night gazing up at the stars on the numerous ocean passages and anchor watches during my time in the Merchant Navy.  By day, I would be mesmerised by the ever-changing colours, textures and patterns playing across the water.  Sea shanties played out in my head as we cut across the oceans.  It was a formative period of my life that  influences my photography to this day.

Light Echoes are images created from reflections on water. Each photograph holds strong memories of a previous place and time, an Echo.  A powerful memory, a reminder of a fleeting yet distinctive moment, an unrepeatable image a unique image.

These timeless photographs have been purposefully left untitled. I encourage the viewer to make their own interpretation; conjuring images, ideas, stories or to reminisce on the past and the future, the here and now.  Your very own Light Echoes.

51°21.8′ N, 1°01.6’E