I combine my interest and passion for photography with my love for travelling and adventure. 

I was brought up on the coast and spent my formative years on the high seas. Whatever its mood or rhythm, the sea has always been my draw, but never more so than when trying to make a single, unrepeatable photograph of this ever-changing scene.

My life’s voyage is through photography and my quest is to create prints that conjure images, stories and ideas through the viewer’s own individual interpretation of the scene. The Kent coast provides my daily inspiration, but no two days are the same, which means each photograph is unique and the opportunities to capture more remain infinite.

I enjoy travelling to other shores and distant islands where meteorology and geography combine to create an environment far removed from the stony beaches of home, thus ensuring my prints remain fresh and exciting, as well as reassuringly abstract.

Please join me on the walk though these galleries and allow me to tell you more about my journey in photography and fine art printing.

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